Macedonian Community Welfare Association needs volunteers.

If you are a reliable person, a good listener, non-judgmental, enthusiastic and with passion for helping others, you have all the attitudes we are looking for
What do I need to become a volunteer?
To become a volunteer at MCWA, all you need is an enthusiastic approach and passion for helping others. Although a sound knowledge of the Macedonian Language is a benefit, there are still opportunities for people of other backgrounds.


What are the benefits of Volunteering?
Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community. But did you know that it can have many benefits for you too? Here are some reasons to volunteer:
Learn or develop a new skill
Be an active part of your community
New experiences
Meeting diverse range of people
Gain experience in the growing community services sector

MCWA Volunteering Programs

Macedonian Community Welfare Association allows the volunteers to be involved in the activities in three different activities.
Planned Activity Groups
Friendly Visiting Program
Community Visiting Scheme

Programs with planned activities( PAG)
Planned Activity Groups provide a comprehensive range of services, programs and activities. Which give social, practical and emotional support for isolated, aged and disabled people. Volunteers play a vital role in groups, assisting the coordinator with the planning and implementing of activities, information sessions, and by assisting the coordinator in the preparation and presentation of refreshments. The volunteers also assist the carers who attend by providing them with assistance and some respite in the care of the client.

Friendly Visiting Program
The Friendly Visiting program relies heavily on dedicated volunteers who can allocate a period of time on a regular basis, to assist an isolated and elderly client. The assistance provided may be a visit to the client for a coffee and some conversation or a small outing to the local park. The time a volunteer allocates to this is entirely up to them and can be once a week, once a fortnight or even once a month.

The MCWA also provides an opportunity for a volunteer to take the role of administration assistant on a regular basis. This includes taking phone call, handling al mail, greeting all visitors and clients as well as assisting staff members to complete their duties.

Community Visiting Scheme
In this program, the volunteers have a task to meet older people who are using home care packages, in their own home to be around them and to help them with their needs.
All of the volunteers contribute to the programs with an appropriate manner and have an understanding about the voluntary programs.