Student placement

The MCWA is committed to supporting student placements that facilitate students’ development of knowledge and skills for the industry. Placements also aim to educate the students about workplace expectations and culture. The Committee of Management must assume the overall legal responsibility for accepting the student placement with the MCWA regardless of the employee that acts as a supervisor/field educator.

Capacity and Priorities
The MCWA will not take more students than can be adequately supervised and supported at any one time. Upon an application by a student requesting a placement, the Manager together with the Committee of Management will consider and discuss the availability of resources to support the request. The MCWA will prioritise requests from students of Macedonian heritage and students who demonstrate a particular interest in issues effecting people of Macedonian heritage. Students will only be accepted if the placement agency accepts legal responsibility for all relevant insurance’s.
MCWA will identify potential projects suitable for student placements or consider written proposals developed by students. A proposal must include:
 Description of the project including objectives and proposed actions
 Timelines
 MCWA contribution
Project proposals will be raised at staff meetings with the final approval being given by the Committee of Management. Prior to commencement of a placement, students must be interviewed by the Manager to discuss expectations and work practice styles.
Supervisors should request a Field Supervisor’s Handbook from the Tertiary Institution prior to commencement of placement. Copies of these are held in a library for reference following the completion of the placement. Processes that are recommended by a placement agency to support a student placement should be followed.
An orientation plan must be prepared for all student placements. The Manager or delegated employee representative is responsible for the induction of students as per induction procedure. For shorter placements a complete schedule should be completed. All students must complete a Student Information Form.
The Committee of Management must sign all placement contracts. Evaluations should be completed by the supervising employee and sighted by the Manager before returning to the placement agency.

Each student will have a nominated supervisor with whom weekly supervision appointments will be arranged. Workload and work plans are negotiated between the supervisor and students. Students that want to make any variations in the work program need to discuss this with their supervisor. Any directives in relation to work for the student should be made through the supervisor.
The supervising employee should discuss difficulties that arise with a student placement with the student in the first instance. A plan should be developed to address the concerns raised. Contact should be established with the placement agency if further support regarding the concerns raised is required. The MCWA grievance procedure can by utilised for dispute resolution procedures. The MCWA should also be aware that placement agencies may have their own procedures and where possible these should be followed.