“Tech Smart Seniors”

Project Name: “Tech Smart Seniors”

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The Macedonian Community Welfare Association (MCWA) was funded by the Australia POST, for a delivery of “Tech Smart Seniors” project for the Macedonian community groups across the Northern and Western suburbs of Melbourne. The project focused on delivery “Support Tech Smart Senior’s activities for elderly residents” including developing of culturally appropriate information and support, delivering digital literacy training sessions and workshops for seniors. The project’s aim was to improve the confidence of elderly Macedonians in their day to day use of computers and to introduce and increase their computer and internet knowledge and skills.
We have focused on ctivities and topics that are relevant to Macedonian Seniors (how to use internet, check emails, Skype, reading online newspapers, paying bills and how to complete forms on line).
The purpose of the project was to reduce the fear and resentment attached to use of computers amongst Macedonian elderly people by increasing their access to culturally and age appropriate information and support.
Project Target group
Senior Macedonians Groups across northern and western suburbs of Melbourne including people, aged 55+ and over.

We have developed a culturally appropriate video-tutorial which aims to assist elderly people from the Macedonian cultural background to gain basic computer skills and increase their confidence and interest in using computers.
This video will play a role in supporting and making it an easily accessible tool in learning computers for older people and will explain in simple steps the main things you need to learn to use a computer.

Basic computer skills_video tutorial in Macedonian