Annual reports

The Macedonian Community Welfare Association (MCWA) was built on one main premise, “to provide the highest quality welfare services to people of a Macedonian speaking background.
We continue to strive to meet each client’s individual needs with professionalism and efficiency, and to foster the ongoing development of the Macedonian speaking community in Victoria.”
Thirty years on, we are proud as an organisation to continue to work towards this goal, and where we meet it, to push beyond the borders of satisfactory, to exemplary.
Our work over the last thirty years has continued to grow, and to shape the landscape of service provision to the Macedonian speaking community.
As times have changed, so has our service delivery, and MCWA has continued to work with the Macedonian speaking community, Macedonian media, other Macedonian community organisations to continue to reach out to our community and to deliver the services and support where they are needed most.
The annual reports highlight the work of our organisation over the year, as well as some of our key achievements.
We thank you all for your support, and your contributions over the years.
And we hope to see you continuing to support us, as we stand fast in our aim of supporting our community.

Annual Reports

MCWA 23rd Annual Report 2005/2006, – Download our Annual Report

MCWA 24th Annual Report 2006/2007

MCWA 25th Annual Report 2007/2008

MCWA 26th Annual Report 2008/2009 – Download our Annual Report

MCWA 30th Annual Report 2012/2013 – Download our Annual Report

MCWA 31st Annual Report 2013/2014 – Download the Annual report

MCWA 32nd Annual Report 2014/2015 – Download our Annual Report