Our Services

MCWA’s Current Services

Planned Activity Groups (PAG)
Targeted at bringing frail or disabled and isolated people together on a regular basis & create meaningful social connections with other members of their community.
Conducted in a supervised environment, with activities and outings organised for group members.
There are currently 18 culturally and linguistically appropriate P.A.G. Groups throughout Metropolitan Melbourne.
The MCWA also have two Multicultural groups, targeting Macedonian and Maltese speaking people (Dementia) and targeting German, Ukrainian and Turkish speaking people (PAG High).
MCWA is currently the only ethno specific agency providing a Multicultural Planned Activity Group.

Healthy Ageing Flexible Program – Program finishing 30th July
‘Carers Master Chef,’ provides carers with the awareness of the importance of looking after their own wellbeing.
‘Establish Host a Garden,’ increases awareness and healthy habits, gardening activities.
‘Health and information sessions,’-increases awareness of health issues such as arthritis , osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.
‘Village Games Event’, promotes cultural heritage and reminiscence about old village games .

Access And Support
Aims to assist HACC eligible CALD clients and their carers when accessing HACC services and programs and other community services through appropriate linguistic and cultural support to the client to ensure their access is meaningful and relevant and to ensure all their needs are prioritised and met.
Friendly Visiting Program (FVP)
This program matches volunteers to clients who, due to disability, illness or age, are unable to socialise and interact with the community, thus become very isolated.
The volunteer is matched to the client based on similar backgrounds, similar interests and geographical proximity.
The role of the volunteer varies, from accompanying the client to shopping trips or doctor’s appointments, to simply sitting with the client in their home or taking them out for a coffee in the local area.

Community Visitors Scheme
In this program, the volunteers have a task to meet older people who are using home care packages, in their own home to be around them and to help them with their needs.

MCWA Complete Care
This program allows clients to keep their independence while providing them with assistance with tasks that they are no longer able to perform themselves.
Complete Care workers assist the client to remain at home in comfort and wellbeing.
Our trained carers provide exceptional service and specialise in assisting clients with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.