Active Ageing Active Living – CALD communities face greater challenges and it is therefore evident the need for greater focus and commitment to target projects to their specific needs.
Health needs that relate exclusively to CALD communities are a result of the number of barriers that restrict accessibility to these services The ‘Active Ageing Active Living’ project will promote healthy and active ageing activities by improving access and providing social outlets for older people from diverse backgrounds.

Healthier Eating Habits
This project is aimed at providing marginalized, socially isolated and disabled members of the CALD community with the opportunity to participate in the wider community, increase wellbeing and encourage and develop healthier eating habits. The project will promote healthy eating habits by providing necessary workshops & sessions that will include demonstration of traditional cultural food prepared in healthier ways in 10 language groups, a community garden, supermarket shopping in groups, information sessions from qualified dietitians.

Physical Activity
Identified the barriers that have prevented multicultural communities from accessing services that promote healthy and active ageing programs. This project will target & promote healthy and active ageing – from a comprehensive and holistic approach. This project is both innovative, unique and incorporates three modules that will ensure that all aspects of active physical ageing are encouraged including; individual, group and community participation. The project will respond to the challenges facing CALD seniors in accessing physical activities

Community Connectedness
Create a community where people are healthy & feel safe, support learning initiatives & encourage active life long participation.A number of connections will be established for members of the community to remain linked by joining them together with others with similar needs will ensure the opportunity to continue supporting one another beyond the life of the project.This project will ensure the gap in service provision is clearly identified and work towards establishing a link for multicultural communities, these services & the wider community.