Otec-Gavril-225x300On the 26th January 2015, celebrated as Australia Day, Father Gavril Galev, Abbott of the monastery St Prohor Pchinski, Melbourne was given a prestigious award for his missionary work and achievements in Australia. It was on this day that he was recognised for his achievements and great work by the community and the Australian Government. We congratulate Father Gavril on winning this prestigious award and thank the Australian government for recognising his work.

On behalf of the Macedonian Community Welfare Association (MCWA) board members, staff, volunteers and Macedonian community, we thank-you for your commitment and determination. As a board member on our community board we would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Father Gavril for his time and continued support to our organization that strives to meet the needs of the Macedonian community in Australia.

The Macedonian community in Australia is very proud of Father Gavril. He is respected amongst the community and is an example for all people. We wish you further successes in the future.

Father Gavril was also mentioned in Australia’s Prime Ministers official message to the state “…This year we honor recipients who are having a go at making a difference in schools, volunteer clubs and groups like Men’s Sheds. We honor those who are seeking to strengthen faith and to celebrate diversity. We applaud community members like Father Gabriel Galev for his service to the local parish…”

Please see the video here: