Elderly Abuse

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The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria and Macedonian Community Welfare Association are working together on a project to raise community awareness of elder abuse and its prevention.
Our research shows that elder abuse is a hidden issue across all communities, but that older people born overseas can be more vulnerable to abuse and neglect.
In addition there is a lack of community awareness of the problem. The Victorian Government has funded this project as they recognize that a culturally sensitive approach is needed for community education around elder abuse prevention.
Our aim is to generate a groundswell of conversation in each community about elder abuse, about how to prevent it and about what to do if you or someone you know about is experiencing it.

Fifteen elderly abuse sessions were delivered in 2014/2015 to the Macedonian Senior Groups in the North and West .These sessions raised awareness about elder abuse and gave courage to the community members to advise elderly people who are facing any kind of abuse to seek help. These sessions were delivered to more than 600 senior group members.

Elder abuse awareness resources in Macedonian: