Crime Prevention

The ageing communities’ crime prevention and awareness project was finalised on 30th of April 2014 with great success. The project was successful in completing 10 education sessions across the North and West region. It provided senior groups the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to become actively safe and secure in their home and community. The sessions were presented by Crime Stopper education workers and local police officials.

On conclusion of this project the MCWA office received a number of additional requests for presentations on this particular theme. As a response to this need, MCWA staff members are trying to apply for another grant from the Department of Justice to organize two big forums. Through the successful attainment of this grant application, all pensioner groups that failed to have the opportunity to be a part of the first project can came along to these forums and gain information on crime prevention and awareness . The MCWA team would like to extend their appreciation for all the encouragement received from pensioner groups who have also provided us with letters of support for this application. MCWA would also like to thank all the groups that participated in the first project.

We hope that future plans to provide further information sessions will be granted to accommodate the needs of all our pensioner groups.

Additional information in Macedonian and English:

1.Безбедност во јавностa

2. Кражба од возилото

3.Кражба на возило

4.Спречување на кражби во текот на одморите

5.Спречување на кражба од имот




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