Client Information kit

MCWA is committed to implementing the HACC Active Service Model policy across all of its programs to ensure the delivery of person centred care which will build a client’s capacity to remain living independently, at home, for as long as possible. MCWA aims to engage all clients on an individualised basis in the entirety of the service planning and delivery process through a variety of ways.
This includes:
• The use of bilingual workers to ensure clients have the opportunity to effectively communicate their needs, their aims and their preferred approach to meeting agreed objectives
• Actively engaging the client in the care planning process to ensure client needs and aims are the central driving force behind all services implemented.
• Providing clients with accessibility to MCWA staff to ensure that they are able to provide feedback, conduct discussion and raise any issues that are affecting the implementation and achievement of their decided goals.

• Working with clients to develop time frames and communication methods to ensure ongoing client participation in service planning and service delivery.
Diversity Planning

To respond effectively to the growing ageing Macedonian speaking population, MCWA is working actively to respond to issues and barriers to service access due to diversity factors. With a targeted Diversity Plan in place, MCWA is working to strengthen it’s service planning and service provision to respond to the ‘diversity within diversity’. By recognising and targeting the difficulties faced by people with special needs due to diversity, MCWA programs and care planning works to engage the client in a manner that will ensure diversity issues are identified, addressed and where possible, overcome.

Client information kits in Macedonian:

Client information kit in English:
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